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8 Colors Glitter Poly Gel Set P17-S3-1(30ml)

8 Colors Glitter Poly Gel Set P17-S3-1(30ml)

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  • Features:

    This is an upgraded polygel that have glitter shinny color.

    After use polygel,don't need to brush glitter gel polish again.

    Enable you to create beautiful nail designs in seconds.

    More flexible than acrylic,stronger than hard gel,and lighter than both.

    Suitable for using with other nail art products.

    Suitable for professional use or home use.



    Brand Name: YAYOGE

    Item: Glitter Polygel

    Polygel Capacity: 30ml

    Slip Solution Capacity: 45ml

    Base & Top Coat Capacity: 10ml

    Nail Lamp: 6W

    Cured: UV LED Lamp

    Lasting Period: 2-4 Weeks(Pls kindly follow our instructions to use)



    1.Using sponge rubbing to polish inside and edge roundly.

    2.Apply a thin base coat, cure with LED UV lamp 60s.

    3.Using a nail mold that is slightly larger than your real nail, apply poly gel into nail mold.

    4.Stick the mold to your real nail then curing it with UV LED lamp 120s. 5.Remove the mold, polish the nail shape you want.

    6.Apply the top coat, cure with LED UV lamp 60s.


    Pls kindly note:

    1.If it is winter in your country, the polygel will get harder than normal. You just need to put it in warm water for 2 minutes, problem solved!

    2.The light will be on when the switch button of nail dryer is turned on. This 6W LED UV lamp is not automatically sensed.

    3.This polygel should be cured with LED UV lamp, otherwise it will drop from nails.


    Package includes

    3*glitter poly gel(03+04+08 OR 01+03+05 OR 04+07+08) 1*nail mold tips(100pcs/10 sizes) 1*slip solution 2*nail brush 1*double headed brush 1*nail file 1*cuticle pusher 1*base coat 1*top coat 1*6W pink LED UV lamp