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US WAREHOUSE 7 Basic Colors Poly Gel P26(30ml)

US WAREHOUSE 7 Basic Colors Poly Gel P26(30ml)

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    • Product Name: US WAREHOUSE 7 Basic Colors Poly Gel P26(30ml)
    • Item NO.: 1954742861893
    • Weight: 0.05 kg = 0.1102 lb = 1.7637 oz
    • Category: temp2
    • Brand: YAYOGE
    • Creation Time: 2021-02-23

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    Color: Multi-Color
    Warranty:24 months
    Lamp: UV LED lamp
    Keeping Time:15 Days Or Above.
    Approval: MSDS, SGS
    Type: Soak Off UV Led Builder Gel Acrylic Extension Gel.
    Applicable: Nail Artist, Nail Art, Lover, Beauty Lover, Chic, Fashionable people.



    1) High-molecular materials.

    2) No odor and no toxic.

    3) Don't hurt nails.

    4) Without dull, chip or peel from the color.

    5) High gloss and lasting over a month.

    6) MSDS and SGS certificate.

    7) Suitable for all kinds of people.


    Package Included:
    1Pc x Yayoge Polygel


    How to use Poly Gel

    Step 1: Complete your POLY Sculpting GEL nail prep. Apply a base coat to nails

    Step 2: Lightly squeeze a slice of polygel from the tube and then roll it on the nail. Put the brush into slip and then move the polygel around with the brush to cover the whole nail and make the extension as well if you want(the liquid used to sculpt polygel is called Slip, it's simply used to make the polygel easy to shape), cure in Led lamp for 60seconds or UV lamp for 2mins. Step 3: Using your Poly?Toolbrush with a small amount of SLIP SOLUTION, pat product into the nail. Shape all nails.

    Step 4: Cure 30 seconds in 18G LED LIGHT.

    Step 5: File and shape nails with a 180 grit file and smooth with the 180 grit buffer. Cleanse with NAIL SURFACE CLEANSE and WIPE IT OFF lint-free nail wipe.

    Step 6: Apply a thin coat of TOP IT OFF. Cure 30 seconds. Cleanse with Nail Surface Cleanse and a lint-free nail wipe.



    If you don't know how to use it. or ask me first. Nails only stay long if you use it professionally.

    If you don't install properly it falls off in a few minutes. Silp Solution is essential Item when you use the polygel.

    Make sure to use UV LED light and tight properly. UV LED light is the most important part of the installation


    -Poly Gel was inspired by a desire to create a product that keeps everything nail techs like about acrylic and hard gel systems while removing the aspects they don't like

    -Poly Gel is more flexible than acrylic, stronger than hard gel, and lighter than both. Unlike hard gel, Poly Gel is not self-leveling, but stays where you place it; unlike acrylic, it doesn't harden until it's cured in an LED or UV lamp

    *Squeeze, slice, roll 3 simple steps to flawless nails.

    *Lighter, stronger, easier.

    *PolyGel applies fast and easy with no chasing or intense heat spike.

    *23% lighter than acrylics.

    *Unlimited playtime so you can work at your own speed!


    Please Attention:

    1. These products have several colors to choose

    2. These products work with UV&LED Nail lamp.

    3. The picture on the computer may cause a little difference, if you mind the difference, please don't order it.

    4. Keep away from children

    5. Keep away from sunshine and heat

    6. Keep tight after use

    7.Discontinue use if sensitization occurs

    8. It's a normal phenomenon if the gel goes thicker in the case of temp



    Q1: Why the Poly Gel is So Hard
    A1: This Poly Gel is Upgrade Gel,it is a Hard Gel Not like the Builder gel?and other gel which Flow easy. this Hard Gel is easy Use and Control.and if you receive is Hard to Squeeze, pls try to put it in the?Warm Water for 2-5 minutes. And then have a try again. Because of it influent by the Temperature Sometimes.

    Q2: How to use Poly Gel
    A2: There are 2 ways to use the Poly Gel,
    one is using the nail form --- nail tray sticker (not included in this set)
    another is using the false nail mold(no the false nails)the set you buy is included.

    Q3: How long the poly gel stay in the nail
    A3: there are 2 elements that will influent the poly gel
    One is the poly gel itself it's?quality
    Another is the?Operation method?of the user(Most Important)
    as for the poly gel, our nail tech tried this poly gel without any other tools
    this poly gel has Maintained for 1 week
    and add the whole steps?one by one.
    it Maintained longer enough for about 1-3 month.

    Q4: Why is the Poly gel nail extension?easy fall(does not give a stronghold)
    A4: there are 3 problems the Poly gel fall (does not give a stronghold ) if you use
    1, if you put?more and thick?Poly gel on your nail
    2, if you put the poly gel?close to the nail base?means split out of the nail?close to your skin
    3, According to our experience.the False nail mold?makes the nail extension?needs more tech. If you are a nail tech you can do it .if you are a starter, I recommend you use the nail paper tray sticker instead of the False nail mold, which is easy to use and it is the old way of use.Or?writing to me for help.