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7 Colors Chameleon Poly Gel Kit P14-S3-7P(15ml)

7 Colors Chameleon Poly Gel Kit P14-S3-7P(15ml)

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  • Brand: Yayoge

    Color : Multi-Color

    Polygel Volume:15ML

    Warranty:24 months

    Curing Lamp:UV LED lamp

    Keeping Time:15 Days Or Above.


    Type:UV Led polygel.

    Applicable :Nail Artister,Nail Art,Lover,Beauty Lover,Chic,Fashionable people.


    1) High-molecular materials.

    2) No odor and no toxic.

    3) Don't hurt nails.

    4) Without dull, chip or peel from the color.

    5) High gloss and lasting over a month.

    6) MSDS and SGS certificate.

    7) Suitable for all kinds of people.

    Package Included:

    7Colors x thermal polygel

    100Pcs/Set Nail Tips

    1Pc x Slip Solution

    1Pc x Base Coat

    1Pc x Top Coat

    1Pc x Nail Holder Clip

    1Pc x?BRUSH

    1Pc x 18W Nail Lamp

Customer Reviews


7 Days Ago

Super easy to use and everything that is needed !!!!!

7 Days Ago

I love this kit. It was so easy to use and came with everything you need to do your nails. The stones are beautiful.

7 Days Ago

Color change magic! Easy to use product and comes as described

7 Days Ago

The best poly gel kit ever!!!

7 Days Ago

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 This kit was fantastic for a starter kit i recomend it! I was a little skeptical of how the colors would come out because of some of the pictures from the reviews but, they are pretty and really easy to use. I did not have any slip and the alcohol i had was 50% and you need for it to be at least 70% or higher so i used monomer and it worked like magic!! Not to much i just dipped the tip of my brush and wiped off the excess liquid and i did not have any problems!!!